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Well hello, I'm

Andrea Harris

I am so glad you are here. 

first I want to let you know I specifically specialize in hair extensions and coloring hair to blend with hair extensions. 

I am currently only accepting new hair extension clients. 

please email me if you would like a referral for getting your hair colored. 

If you are here for hair extensions I am so excited for you. Hair extensions can truly help restore your hair and your mental health. it is not only an investment for you, it's an investment in you. I realize our hair is one thing we can change, but I truly try and keep the past present and future in mind for your hair. I will always under promise, and be overly honest. 

my experience and education has been strictly focused around the integrity of your hair. the way I color hair and apply extensions Is always going to be for the health of your hair.


I am very passionate about the space I have created and the work that I do. My suite I have set up for you to come relax. I have a tv to watch any show you'd like, free wifi so you can bring your work, iPad, book, headphones, or just sit in silence if you'd prefer. Whatever you need to walk out of my suite feeling refreshed or accomplished. when I do your extensions you will find I am very focused and quiet. This is to insure precision and consistency of your application, and also when you're focused your head is moving a lot less lol. 

if you follow me on instagram that is the best way to see my latest updates, creations as well as see what I do outside of my suite..  that will usually consist of golfing with friends, snowboarding with my best friend, playing in the dirt watching my boyfriend ride his dirt bike or watching super cross,  on the shooting range and learning self defense, working out and taking care of myself physically and mentally, which also includes laying on the couch binging a show with my dude and our fur babies. 

I cannot wait for you to come in to my suite and leave feeling like a new woman! 


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