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I Can't Wait
to Work with You

Let our journey together begin.

Step One

Peruse my About Me page to get to know me, my skills,

my business,

and how I can serve you.


Step Two

Submit your new guest appointment request profile so I can be fully prepared for our consultation.


Step Three

Arrive feeling relaxed and confident, and walk away feeling like your best self. I can’t wait to meet you!


please read my FAQ page for some extra things you may need to know

The Pre-Visit

Thank you for submitting your profile, You can expect an email from me in the next 24 hours regarding what steps we need to take to get you your dream hair! I understand this is not only an investment from your wallet, but one truly for yourself. Hair extensions are a great tool to get through hair trauma. and I am here to walk you through it! hang tight and make sure to check your spam if you haven't heard back from me. 

Goldie Locks Hair Care Line

The Consultation

Once we establish your appointment, please make sure an add it to your calendar with the salon address. You can find it below or in all of your appointment emails. 

Please see my FAQs page for some things to prepare for your appointment. 

During your consultation I will be able to get my hands in your hair and really get a feel for what you will need and the steps and process toward your dream hair. 

We will look at colors, and I will color match accordingly. I only have some colors in stock, most guests are custom ordered. I will figure out how much I will need, and be able to establish a quote. 

If you want to move forward in scheduling your extensions I need a non refundable deposit to secure your appointment. This is to insure the cost of your customized hair extension package. The remainder will be due once services are completed. 

again please see my faqs page for additional notes

After Goodbye

WOOHOO You're walking out into the world a new woman!! 

please be on the lookout for your follow up email, it will include reminders of how to care for your extensions and what to expect, a link to buy hair care if you need more shipped to your house, and other extra things we talked about during your appointment that you might need! 

I am so thankful you chose me and that I get to be a part of your hair journey! 

Much love,


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