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Find the perfect fit for you.

Color Experiences

Custom coloring techniques to achieve your goals.

Wash, Trim, & Style included


Refresh Experience  $125+

slip away for 2 hours and get a refresh around your face, root gloss and toner.

note: This is great for a quick pick me up color when added to any extension service. 

signature experience $175+

come get some work done while getting your regular maintenance color through the top and sides with a fresh root gloss and toner.

Note: Standard maintenance appt of 8-24 weeks and about 3 hours. 

Ultimate Experience $250+

Binge a show, get some work done, or sit in silence. Whatever you choose, let's touch up from neck line to front hair line. 

This is your once a year complete refresh and about a 4.5 hour appointment 

Add haircut $50


Invisible Bead Extensions

New Clients
Your initial install will include color to blend your hair, but also must be refreshed at least once a year. 

1 row + Color extensions $240
2 row + Color extensions $400

3 row + Color extensions $500

Add Color Service 

Includes coloring and blending your hair and the extensions & Haircut

1 ROW + Custom Color $400

2 Row + Custom Color $550

3 Row + Custom Color $750

Reinstall (6-8 weeks)

1 row reinstall  $160

2 row reinstall $250

3 row reinstall $325

removal $50+

depends on how long removal takes per method

 Hair extension hair cut - $75

Wash, blow dry and style included

Hair Extension Hair

a deposit for the cost of hair will be required upon scheduling your first install. this is not refundable as each order is custom ordered. 

if you already have hair in please fill out form and submit your photos. a consultation will still be required to see what I can work with. or if we need to order more hair.

prices vary depending on length and how many rows needed for desired look.

a quote will be given during your consultation depending on what I need to make your hair goals happen! 


do know, I only use the Highest quality ethically sourced hair. I do not use hair that I do not know where it came from, or is from a cheap site.

prices can range from $700-$3000

not including services charges. 

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